The Nekromantikon, No. 5, Amateur Magazine of Weird and Fantasy

----------large (quarto) paper covered book, overall Very Good, short tear at upper tip of spine, scarce - final issue, contents include: Changeling's Choice By Vernon L McCain; Wellington Varney By William G Weston; Ring Around the Black Star By Grederick Gayle; Voices at Night By Wilson Tucker; The Helping Hand By Cedric Walker; Remembrance of Things Past By Terry Jeeves; Pink Umbrella By David R Bunch; Second Hand Wings By Alice L Bullock; The Stalker By Edward W Ludwig; Spirit of Earth By James E Warren, Jr.; Ju Ju Magic By Edwin L Brooks; Gourmet By D C Montgomery Jr.; Said the Spider By Charles E Fritch; Old Man of the Moors By F Anton Reeds & Charles Newton Briggs; the Romans Encounter the Nervii By Evan H Appelman; The Wind Blows, Mother By Antony Borrow; The Visitors By Wilson Tucker; Afternoon By E C Tubb; The Call By Alan Hunter; The big Game By M C Rodman; Come, My Sweet By Steve Benedict; Here Comes the Bogy Man By Michael Tealby; The Vortex Telescope By Battell Loomis; and the Following Poems ....The Undead By R Flavie Carson; Red Sand By Walt Klein; Fern Seed By Isabelle E Dinwiddle; Incorporeal Invitation By Orma McCormick; In Strange Remembering By James E Warren Jr.; Two of Us Lie By Genevieve K Stephens; Nova By Astara ( Marion ) Zimmer Bradley;witch By Lilith Lorraine; Death Wish By F Anton Reeds; Sic Transit By Charlotte Todd; Contemplation of an Amoeba By Richard Elliott; Shadow Queen By Emili A; For the First or Last Fantast By Forrest C Davis; Weather Report from Mercury By Dorothea M Faulkner; Stranger in a World By C O Betancourt; Nightriders By G M Carr; Under Scorpio ( Noctuary ) By Terence Heywood, Manly Bannister is the Editor, any image directly beside this listing is the actual book and not a generic photo

Title: The Nekromantikon, No. 5, Amateur Magazine of Weird and Fantasy

Author Name: McCain, Vernon; Weston, William; Gayle, Frederick; Tucker, Wilson; Walker, Cedric; Jeeves, Terry; Bunch, David; Bullock, Alice; Ludwig, Edward; Warren, James; Brooks, Edwin; Montgomery, D.C.; Fritch, Charles; Jackson, Clive; Reeds, F. Anton;

Illustrator: More Authors = Briggs, Charles Newton; Appelman, Evan H.; Borrow, Anthony; Tubb, E.C.; Hunter, Alan; Rodman, M.C.; Benedict, Steve; Tealby, Michael; Loomis, Battell; Bradley, Astara Zimmer (aka. Marion Zimmer Bradley); et al

Categories: Science Fiction Fantasy,

Edition: First Edition

Publisher: Kansas City, Missouri, Kansas City, MO: The Nekromantikon, 1951, 1st Edition, First Printing: 1951

Binding: Soft Cover

Book Condition: Very Good (see description)

Inscription: Not Signed

Seller ID: 141786

Keywords: science Fiction