Light years and Dark: Science Fiction and Fantasy Of and For Our Time -by Michael Bishop -a Signed Copy ( SF / F )

-----------trade paperback, about 5w x 8.25h inches, a Near Fine copy, some age toning to paper, John Gregory betancourt's embossed stamp on dedication page, this copy has been signed and inscribed "For John, My favorite anthology of the 1980's. All best, MB" and MB has signed his name lower down on the title page, this contains: Introduction by Michael Bishop; You and Me and the Continuum J. G. Ballard; The Map by Gene Wolfe; Halfjack by Roger Zelazny; Doing Lennon by Gregory Benford; Strangeness, Charm and Spin by Kate Wilhelm; Brown Robert by Terry Carr; The Bloomsday Revolution by Ian Watson; The Dybbuk Dolls by Jack Dann; Dancing Chickens by Edward Bryant; When the Music's Over by Michael Swanwick; Terrific Park by George Alec Effinger; The Tale of the (Man) Who (Met) (God) by Norman Spinrad; The Starry Message to Galileo Galilei poem by Robert Frazier; The Supremacy of Bacteria poem by Robert Frazier; Cetacean Dreams poem by Robert Frazier; We cannot escape humility poem by Robert Frazier; Summer's Lease by Joe Haldeman; The Nine Billion Names of God by Carter Scholz; Nor Limestone Islands by R. A. Lafferty; Fears by Pamela Sargent; SQ by Ursula K. Le Guin; Scrimptalon's Test by Michael Bishop and Gerald W. Page; An Infinite Summer by Christopher Priest; The Man Who Was Pregnant by Elizabeth A. Lynn; Corridors by Barry N. Malzberg; Limits by Larry Niven; Crossing into Cambodia by Michael Moorcock; The Lecturer by John Kessel; Under the Hollywood Sign by Tom Reamy; The Lords of Misrule by M. John Harrison; Ralph 4F...H*g* G*rnsb*ck (Hugogre N. Backs) by John Sladek; Solar Shoe-Salesman...Ph*l*p K. D*ck (Chipdip K. Kill) by John Sladek; The Sublimation World...J.G. B*ll*rd (J.G. B-) by John Sladek (aka The Sublimation World); School Days by Suzette Haden Elgin; The Wanda Lake Number by Robert Thurston; Chambers of Memory by Gordon Eklund; Painwise in Yucatan by James Tiptree, Jr. (aka How to Have an Absolutely Hilarious Heart Attack, or, So You Want to Get Sick in the Third World); Dinner Party by Gardner Dozois; The Cure by Lisa Tuttle; Paradise Beach by Richard Cowper; Getting Away by Steven Utley; The Cabinet of Edgar Allan Poe by Angela Carter; Dead in Irons by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro; Rock On by Pat Cadigan; The Death of Socrates by Thomas M. Disch (aka Problems of Creativeness 1967 ); Helpless, Helpless by Howard Waldrop; Dogs' Lives by Michael Bishop; The Eichmann Variations by George Zebrowski , any image directly beside this listing is the actual book and not a generic photo ///SIGNED ---GUARANTEED to be AVAILABLE///

Title: Light years and Dark: Science Fiction and Fantasy Of and For Our Time -by Michael Bishop -a Signed Copy ( SF / F )

Author Name: Bishop, Michael (signed)( John Gregory Betancourt -his Copy )(J G Ballard; Roger Zelazny; Joe Haldeman; R A Lafferty; Ursula K Le Guin; Michael Moorcock; Tom Reamy; John Sladek; James Tiptree, Jr.;Lisa Tuttle; Angela Carter; et al)

Illustrator: Uncredited Cover Art

Categories: Science Fiction Fantasy,

Edition: First Edition

Publisher: New York, NY, N.Y. / New York: Berkley, 1984, 1st Edition, First Printing: 1984

ISBN Number: 0425072142

ISBN Number 13: 9780425072141

Binding: Soft Cover

Book Condition: Near Fine (see description)

Inscription: Signed (see description)

Size: 5w x 8.25h Inches

Seller ID: 159806

Keywords: Michael Bishop, Jmand